• Camping au Bord de Loire
Pool Gennes Val de Loire (100m from the campsite)
Pool des Rosiers sur Loire (1.5 km from the campsite)

Fontaine-Guerin Lake(49) (15 min drive)

Another safe place to swim in the Saumurois: Fontaine-Guérin Lake, located in the commune of the same name, near Beaufort-en-Vallée. Swimming is supervised. The place is open. You can also take advantage of children's playground, next to the campsite "Moulin de Fontaine".  Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thurday and Friday - 1:30pm/7:00pm ; Sunday - 12:30am / 8:00pm - Close on Tuesday

Grézillé Lake (49) (10 min drive)

The last safe place in the Grand Saumurois is the Grézillé Lake, more commonly known as "Lac de Grézillé" (22 km in the northwest of Saumur).Swimming is supervised. The place is open. You can also enjoy a relaxation and reading area. Magazines, newspapers and children's games will be provided free of charge, as well as sports equipment, with free access. There are also sports activities. Driking water, sanitary facilities, picnic areas and access for people with reduced mobility are also available. Access is free of charge. Swimming is authorised and supervised from 10:00am to 7:00pm from the first weekend in July to the last weekend in August.